Most Equestrians Make These Mistakes

8 Fitness Blunders The Equestrian Athlete is Making.




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As promised here are the 8 things I most commonly see most equestrian athletes doing wrong in pursuit of fitness on and off the horse.


It actually all seems to start with The New Year/New Season when celebrities are publicising their workout DVD.


Please forgive me , but I must have missed the bit where they became Health and Exercise professionals, let alone equestrian specific training specialists.


This is what is holding many people back from getting in great shape for riding.


It comes back to the plan not being specific.


Here are 8 of them!


  1. Failing to realise the benefit of resistance training and understanding that weights burn calories and don’t make you bulky. Believe me; you will not create a firm, strong and fit riding specific body if you shy away from resistance training.

    Remember it does not have to be a 100Kg squat or Bench press. It can be purely bodyweight.

    We actually put together the whole Equestrian Athlete Plan based on workouts that can be done entirely at home with very limited equipment. 

  2. Many riders are under the misconception that they will get bulky if they use weights.

    It is very hard to put on huge amounts of muscle mass without doing the appropriate weights, sets, rest and exercise combinations and also coupled with this eating vastamounts of anabolic (muscle building) substances.

    I don’t mean illegal substances, just the right combination of supplements. Remember that if you are female, you need to increase you testosterone levels by 40 times if you want to have similar levels to a male. 

  3. Too many long runs are great for shaping you into a skinny fat person.

    Many a time, I hear riders ‘Oh I went for 5 runs, all of which were well over 50 minutes. Well guess what, you probably just burnt all the muscle you had, and with that went your metabolic rate, that was burning fat at rest. This muscle is what you need to be strong in the saddle!

    Providing that you have less than chronic levels of stress in your life, high intensity intervals is the most optimal way to achieve efficient equestrian specific fitness, health results.

    Remember without health you cannot perform. This is exactly why we have included ‘The Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan’ in The Equestrian Athlete Plan.

    This will preserve muscle mass, making you stronger in the saddle, elevate your metabolism giving you more energy both in and out of the saddle. 

  4. How well does the ‘DVD Celebrity Trainer’ know the equestrian athletes needs?

    The last time I checked, Davina McCall would have been awesome at counting calories, but I am not sure about her exercise and programme design skills!

    Let alone their ability to strengthen the correct muscles for the equestrian athlete.

    Ok, I will bring you the next 4 in the next email plus I will include for you a session direct from The Equestrian Athlete Plan.

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    Author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan and The Hot to Trot Cookbook.

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