The Equestrian Athlete Plan – Why I Wrote It For You



I hope today is going well for you.


I just wanted to say thanks for popping over and downloading your free copy of The Equestrian Emergency.
Incase you haven’t seen yet, I wanted you to know why I then went on to write the most comprehensive training and nutrition plan for riders available world wide.


The Equestrian Athlete Plan.



So what was my inspiration behind the 8 week no stone unturned programme that is specific for riders?


Having come from a back ground of equestrianism, it is in my blood.


My grandfather was a farrier, who later trained my father. My mother and father taught both my sister and I to ride from the minute we could walk, in fact I think I almost learnt to ride before I could walk.


The whole of my family has ridden at various levels and competed in various forms of equestrian, including hunting, race riding, dressage, show jumping, showing, eventing and social riding. As you can probably guess I have spent a lot of time in and around the equestrian scene including competing in tetrathalon into my teen years.


As I have moved into my professional career as one of the UK’s leading fitness and health professionals, it really is no surprise that I have been able to work so successfully with my equestrian athlete’s, we have that connection.


I understand them far better than most.


What has really bothered me up to now is that equestrian has not had the recognition as a serious sport that it deserves. It is because of this attitude that the equestrian athlete (EA) has been left to do generic exercise classes and DVD’s, in a one size fits all approach. This really got to me.


I bet this has annoyed you , if it hasn’t yet you are probably one of the lucky ones that hasn’t been subjected to “one size fits all approach” that normally puts most EA’s off of exercise.


I want to do something about it, so that EA’s all over the world don’t have to put up with this any longer.


To date this is working, we now have people doing The Equestrian Athlete Plan in Australia, Dubai, America, Ecuador, all over Europe, Ireland and in South Africa.


The equestrian field is now ready to break the tradition and culture of ‘get fit to ride by riding’. Where people have tried before and failed, this time with such a holistic approach to the equestrian athlete we will approach it in a very different light.


We are now ready to integrate resistance training with Pilates, interval training with mobility and postural strengthening with core stability. With all of this underpinned with a nutritional plan and a support network, this book is really going to take things to the next level.


No fitness professional up to now has developed such a holistic approach to training the EA. Sure some people have developed programmes for riders or written articles but none that actually address their requirements fully!


The culture among equestrian has been Pilates and yoga, and there is nothing wrong with Pilates and yoga, in fact there is an element of the EAP that has Pilates style exercises integrated within it. But remember that these modalities are just tools, and what makes these effective, is the way in which the tool is used to produce the results.


Equestrian sport is in a very exciting place right now. It does not matter whether you will be heading to the Olympics or not (some of you will), you will want to enjoy your time with your horse just as much. To be riding fit has to be the dream of every equestrian athlete.


I wanted to give something back to a community of fantastic people who share one common passion, their horses. I cannot wait to work with you.


Have a great day,




p.s. If you would like to get a copy of The Equestrian Athlete Plan today, I will give you a free copy of my Snack Attack book that is ideal for the busy equestrian athlete.

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