Rider Fitness | Part 5-The Equestrian Athlete Plan Was Born

Part 5: Born were the S-T-A-B-L-E Training Systems


As with every successful system it isn’t built overnight and it doesn’t come without hiccups.

I think I was so enthusiastic about the impact I felt I could have on people’s previous

misconceptions of fitness, and initially I wanted to train anyone who wanted training.

This to start with, left me feeling somewhat disillusioned when I didn’t get the very best

results with some clients, but now I have a specific system that delivers results.

Other than that, I am very grateful that I have been able to surround myself with positive

and Win/Win minded people. I have mentors in life and business all around me to help me

make the right decisions up to now.


So far the biggest success has been the ability to deliver a personal experience to all of my clients.

It’s not so much just about the biggest weight loss, inch loss, performance improvement

or measurement improvement but more about the amount of people who have been able to

experience an education that will enable them to make positive and healthy decisions for

themselves and their family for the rest of their lives.


For me the link between the stresses on the body as demonstrated by Seth Godin, really helped me to truly identify the different aspects of the service that I was putting together. These include postural stress, nutritional stress, emotional stress, lifestyle stress, exercise stress and many more. This has enabled me to look at my clients experience and make sure that in every area we deliver a service that removes stress before adding it. I was then able to seek (and still seek) the very best educational courses and materials to create clear systems for the client to achieve the best possible results and have an incomparable experience.


A glimpse of the success


When a client came to me and started the Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan (The same nutritional protocol used on The Equestrian Athlete Plan, his mum decided that she would too start the plan and since then she has been able to come off of her steroids that she has been on for years after a serious stomach complaint. The education I have undertaken around nutrition is responsible for this and many other success stories.


I have had a 63 old male client who lived in fear of putting his back out daily due to a weak core and posterior chain, with a kinetic chain assessment and some simple muscle activation techniques he now completes 4 sets of 30s of FULL Press ups with relative ease.

Many of my clients experience huge gains in terms of range of movement, muscular strength and endurance and also health related measures of reduce body fat and in particular massive reduction central body fat stores. I put this down to the holistic nature of my education and appreciating that each and every one person is different, has different circumstances and deserves to be treated so.

As mentioned above but also more recently I have been able to help one of my clients shed over a stone of body fat in just under 10 weeks. In total now he has gone from 21 stone to 13 stone 8 with 16.5% body fat. Admittedly he lost a lot of body mass before starting, but the shift in the body fat levels has been brilliant in the 10 weeks so far. Some of my clients have lost 6 inches off the waist others are typically losing 8-16lbs in 4-6 weeks of training with fat loss being their goal.

I have trained equestrian athletes to improve riding performance, helped people to run their fastest ever marathons, run their first triathlon and ironman competitions. I have helped a client enter the Sunshine golf tour in South Africa with specific work for his golf.

With the S-T-A-B-L-E Training Principles & Hot to Trot Nutritional Formula I use with my Personal Training Clients & Equestrian Athletes who I have helped clients shed up to 7 inches off their waist, performance on and off of the horse with dramatic improvements in moods and skin quality.

The S-T-A-B-L-E Training Systems have also helped people run multiple PB’s in various distances, complete ironman competitions, compete on an international stage for Team GB and in many other areas of life. Aside from all the objective results the most pleasing part after the immense results we get is the experience that we are able to deliver to our clients as a result of a tremendous amount of investment in professional development and mentoring with the best in the profession from all over the world.

I am proud of the results achieved thus far and this is what I am keen to continue doing, working with those people who are equally committed to improving their quality of life, health and well being.

Have a brilliant day and be the best you can!

My best,


Author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan

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