Rider Fitness | Part 4 – Frustrations to Fulfillment

Here is the latest in the series I have put together to help you get to know me a little better.

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Part 4: Frustrations to Fulfillment


As with any journey, my journey from taking myself out of the ‘fitness industry’ and

into the ‘fitness profession’ has not been without a few frustrations.


I was frustrated by the number of courses that are run seemingly to just get accreditation

and not actually based on the content of the course and what you can give to a client.

The whole ticket for this, ticket for that just gets to me. I found that a lot of the so called

leaders in the industry we not actually leaders, in fact I felt that on some of the courses

I may have been able to run a more informative programme, that left me with more questions than clues.


It was frustrating as when you work hard you then spend hours travelling and a lot of money on these courses to then be disappointed with the content and the amount you can take away. It was at this point I began to distance myself from the courses that tried to solely sell themselves based on points or accreditation to some organisation. I seek education from those who get results with good morals and underpinning philosophies.


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that there was nothing to be gained but the standard of the education I now choose is above and beyond the course description. As I always say to my clients, try to surround yourself with positive people because these are the ones who are happiest, perhaps for a reason. The courses I attend seem to be full of achievers, success breeds success.


It is really important to me to seek this level of education because there is no way I am going to slip into the ‘fitness industry'; I am staying in the ‘fitness profession’. The person who is in the industry cannot see beyond the hours they work, as a professional I see it as my duty to serve my clientele and community to the best of my ability and that is what I will do until the day I finish as a fitness and health professional.


By striving for excellence, this excites me every day. Whilst I am aware of where I want to be held within my profession there is an element of excitement because I don’t always know what opportunities are around the corner. Sure I am a person who seeks a strategy rather than random opportunities, but I still like the air of spontaneity that makes my professional working day a pleasure not a chore.


I love the quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes: “Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You“.


For me this optimises why I like to seek improvement every day in what I do and how I serve my clientele. I feel that I have been given this gift for a reason and I will persue it until I fulfil it.


The overriding benefits to my clients would be a holistic approach to everyone as an individual and an ability to be able to serve them better. So with me as their coach, they can still play their game, but they play it much better with me in their game than without!


I would like to think that they leave me feeling educated and empowered to make fantastic life long decisions for themselves and their families. This is the bottom line, any client of mine once they have achieved their goal, must feel empowered at the end of their time with my company to make healthier decisions thereafter, otherwise I have failed, even if they reach their goal. Sure they may fall off the wagon from time to time, but who doesn’t, it’s just knowing how to get back on!


From my business point of view, with everyone getting the results and a 1st class experience that is incomparable to others, this will help my business grow into a well known entity based upon delivering results to my clients wants and needs.


I think that in terms of knowledge it was the World Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, CA, where I met Gray Cook, JC Santana, Mike Boyle, Todd Durkin and many other leading fitness professionals in the world, that really opened my eyes to what I could deliver. Then in all honesty it was the work I have been able to do with Dax Moy on his Kinetic Chain Assessment Course, Elimination Diet Coach and more recently the Integrated Performance Coaching Course that has made the service I deliver a more holistic approach and fulfilled experience for my clients. All of my equestrian athletes get a fully holisitic programme, leaving no stone un turned, no matter their level of competition.


I think that to single out any of the above as ‘the aha moment’ would really do a disservice to any of them and there are others that could be included. They are all part of the knowledge base I have gained and I feel privileged to have been able to experience them.


I truly believe that this continual commitment to my education is enabling me to provide more answers to my client’s questions. More solutions to their problems and helping them to be more empowered to make the best decisions for themselves, taking the guess work out of the equation straight away.


For myself it just helps me to seek new knowledge and skill sets all the time. I always view each course attended, each book read and each new skill set as added value to the service that my company provides. It helps me to feel confident that if a client has a particular problem then I can solve it more often than not.




I remember this moment. I was at a conference in Long Beach. It was the World Functional Training Summit, where I was exposed for the first time, to some of the world’s finest coaches! I still can’t believe what happened that day. It was as if someone switched on the light and opened the door all in one moment. I honestly felt like I had been let free and I now realised how I could develop my own philosophy, style and system to help my clients.


I wanted to be the very best I could, I always knew that, but I didn’t realise that this would enable me to have created a system that gets results every time for my clients. I am able for that reason to wake up each day and look forward to the work ahead, safe in the knowledge that I am helping my clients play their game better.


My business idea was initially about providing a service that was mobile or utilising other gyms facilities to train clients in. I soon realised that I needed a base, even if this was just a small room that I cleared furniture out of and replaced it at the end of a session.


I believed that every session should be progressive and specific to what my client was aiming to achieve. I just wanted to go the extra mile, provide a service that got results and gave an experience.


Initially I wasn’t sure of who I would be best suited to, so I was willing to help anyone who wanted help. With time and experience of working with my clients, I now know that during our initial consultation, if I can really help them.

I valued commitment (still do), so I wanted my clients to commit to me and I wanted to be able to commit to them. With this I drew up a client trainer agreement and got my clients booked in on a 5 week block, so both parties knew exactly what we were doing. Things are a little different now that I know how people work best.


I always want my clients to think about their technique or form before speed. I always thought this and it helped me to help my clients move better..


I wanted to provide an individualised assessment, so initially I used the NASM Functional Movement Screening Tool, assessed over head squat technique. This helped me to do this. I now use the Kinetic Chain Assessment tool developed by Dax Moy, integrated with other tests and assessment protocols I have learnt along my learning path.


I think that I have been able to connect with my clients, even though some of them are the same age as my parents. I have been able to show commitment and dedication to my clients which has helped me to develop a great word of mouth and referral system.


Initially offering the mobile service enabled me to show people what I could do outside of the confinements of a gym. This has helped me to show Equestrian Athletes that there is far more to exercise than just plodding on the treadmill or sitting on the leg extension machine.


The owners of the building that I currently rent my studio from respected my professional and thorough approach to each and every session I ran with them in the initial stages of my business. One of which is a client of mine still.I recently helped Sarah achieve a PB at the Berlin Marathon.


They then saw the potential synergy between our businesses, and this has enabled me to have a base in which I can train my clients deliver even better results, with more professional surroundings.
With 9 weeks until christmas, what will you be doing to improve your health and fitness to enhance your horses chances of success ?


Thanks for taking time out to read this. Have a great day.



Author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan

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