Rider Fitness | My Breakthroughs in the Fitness Profession.


Thank you for following these notes, it gives me great pleasure to share with you my journey thus far.

Here are my breakthroughs in the fitness profession.
This is what has enabled me to proudly bring you The Equestrian Athlete Plan.

After deciding that I did not want to merely be part of some big chain of fitness entities,

I sought the best of the best for my education. Initially after having gained my degree in Sport & Physical Education,

I applied to gain work experience in the world famous Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach.

I was successful and gained a huge amount from working with some of the best trainers in the USA during my time there.

I actually helped to film a production with ‘Mike’ a trainer who was voted in America’s top 10 trainers for the Discovery channel.


Whilst there, I went on a course with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where I became aware of the Corrective Exercise aspect of personal training. This fascinated me, as I could see that I could make a real difference to the people I served. I already had a ‘good’ all round knowledge, but I wanted far more than that. I wanted to be awesome at it and deliver great results and great experiences. Part of this comes from me having a very positive experience of sport and PE as a child and I just want those who perhaps didn’t to find success through improving their health.


I think the corrective exercise knowledge I gained helped me to understand a lot of the ‘why’s’ behind what I was originally taught at university and during my YMCA fitness professional qualifications. I built upon this through my learning with Juan Carlos Santana (Institute of Human Performance), with his 4 pillars of human movement, helping me to understand the way people move and function day to day. I genuinely believe that this helped me to give so much to my clients in a very short space of time, because all of a sudden they can move better.


So I looked on the internet initially to see where I could find Juan Carlos who had been recommended to me by ‘Mike’ from Gold’s Gym and ‘Howie’, the manager at Gold’s. These guys were really forward thinking for such a big commercial gym, they were a fantastic advert for what can be achieved in a culture of machines and mirrors that dominates LA.

I then found that there was a seminar in Long beach, which was about 2 hours drive from where I was living. I then realised that this was no ordinary seminar. This was the ‘who’s who of the fitness industry’ talking over 3 days! IMMENSE! I had found the World Functional Training Summit! Get in!
Matt Luxton with Juan Carlos Santana


So off I went for 3 days of ridiculously eye opening education. Whilst I was there Juan Carlos Santana (IHP) came over to me and asked me how I found the lecture/seminar. I actually replied ‘I thought I knew a lot, now I feel like I know nothing’. He replied, ‘you see, you are like your fork inside your plastic tub (which was full of chicken, some things never change), you only know what’s in there. Now, because i showed you to the top of the tub, you can see the table and suddenly there’s a whole load more out there for you.’


Wow!! This was the moment that sparked my drive for education into oblivion!


I then sought JC’s Functional Training Specialist Diploma of which I am one of only 4 in Europe to hold the qualification. I also bought many books on structure and function of the human body, deeper understanding of this has helped me to ‘fix’ clients very quickly. Also helping equestrian athletes of all abilities and experience levels to improve their performance both in an out of the saddle.


I also attended courses run by Dax Moy , including the Kinetic Chain Assessment, Integrated Performance coaching and Elimination Diet Coach.


I won’t bore you with a list of the qualifications and courses I have done right now, but its suffice to say that in 3 years I have spent over £20,000 on my education and personal development.


After all why should you invest in a coach who doesn’t invest in themselves!?!!


It really has been an eye opener for my girlfriend of at least 7 years (she will shoot me now for not knowing the exact number :)), I used to hate reading, now I have an extensive library of training books, nutrition, life coaching, stress management, anatomy, physiology and many more topics.


Have a great week and be the best version of you! :)


My Best,



Author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan

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