Rider Fitness | Matt Luxton from Fitness Enthusiast to Fitness Professional-Part 1

Good Afternoon Equestrians,


I hope you are having a cracking week and I hope you are well.

Over the next 10 days I will be sharing with you my journey and creation story.

I hope this will help you to get to know me better (if you want to !!) and know what I am about. As always I would welcome your thoughts.


Where I Was Before Today


I joined the ‘fitness industry’ at the age of 17!

Before this time I spent a lot of my free time playing and enjoying various different sports,

ranging from rugby to horse riding, golf to cricket,swimming to football and tetrathlon to decathlon.

All of which I think have helped me to become somebody who understands how people feel in an individual environment and a competitive environment.


I guess that I also had many different levels of experience, I was part of the England Rugby Academy based in Exeter, which gave me a glimpse of the elite level, I competed at county level for decathlon and was part of a team at regional level and also played golf and cricket socially. I also competed at area level on my pony in tetrathlon, and also hunted every saturday with my dad who was a whipper in!


Rider Fitness - Post Session Feedback

Rider Fitness - Post Session Feedback


I also had been doing my own thing with my weights and conditioning programme, reading and being fascinated by programme design, how to make myself faster, stronger, more agile, it all just appealed and I guess I just wanted to be the very best I could at my main sport, rugby.  I also wanted to be recognised as someone who looked after his body and health.


Outside of the free time I was involved in my studies at GCSE and A/S level as I knew that I wanted to be involved with physical activity and sport in some way. I actually thought I wanted to be a physiotherapist at one stage, but when it came to it, I just didn’t find it stimulating enough, so headed towards my real passion, health and fitness.


In terms of work, I worked part time at a local leisure centre as a swim coach and lifeguard and ran coaching sessions for children on health related exercise classes, built around fun. I then got into doing gym inductions for people who just started at the gym at the leisure centre, which was great. But I just felt I could do more, but wasn’t allowed to due to my level of qualification at the time. I had people asking me to write them programmes and train them, but I had to say ‘sorry but I can’t’. That really got to me, and enough was enough, off I went on my mission to get what I needed to help more people.


Life was pretty amazing to be honest, looking back on it I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunities I have had, to be involved in so many different social networks, has helped me connect with so many clients from so many different backgrounds.


I was a student, so my income came from part time work at holidays on strawberry fields, chinese takeaway (Really!!!), building, green keeping on a golf course and lifeguarding.


This variety of work also helped me to appreciate the value of everyone as an individual, because I hated doing some of these jobs, but really appreciated that for some people this was their passion. I love the fact that we are all passionate about different things. I also felt that I learnt how to work with people who were older than me and those who were more experienced in every aspect of life and learnt to accept advice and be someone who could listen. Which I think for many people at my age, this was a difficult skill because they were so used to being listened to.
I was happy meeting people and working with them. The one thing I realised was that I couldn’t go to work and do the same things every day. I was lucky to be combining my studies with part time employment, but to be honest it was a real eye opener, and I began to realise that I had an opportunity to make something of myself or settle for anything. That wasn’t in my nature, I knew what I wanted, and so off I went!Rider Fitness - Matt Luxton
I wouldn’t say at this stage I was unhappy at all, but I began to realise and create clarity about what I wanted from life.

When I was at primary school I told my mum that I wanted to be a PE teacher, and then as I grew a little older, I thought I would like to be a physiotherapist. I think this was shaped mainly by the fact that I had my fair share of injuries during adolescence and appreciated the help I had received from physiotherapists along the way.


As I became more competitive at rugby, I realised how much was involved in competing at an elite level. This was amazing and I couldn’t get enough at that time in my life. I loved the different styles of training and the effects it had on my body. My friends used to and still do enjoy training with me ( I love training with my friends) mainly due to the fact that we always do something a little different and they love the effects , rather than just doing the same old, same old.

So as you can see getting into fitness didn’t just happen overnight. My journey into the fitness industry came from a very positive experience of school PE and then into my adult hood with positive experiences through sport and PE. I would say my journey was more than just a flash in the pan moment, more of an evolution.



I don’t think I actually chose fitness, we chose each other. This was my passion, I saw the benefits, I loved the fact that you could essentially create the body that you wore and competed in by your actions on a day to day basis. We just had a special bond.


I like to share information, so for me it was a natural progression to share the knowledge I had gained in a relatively short period of time with my friends and then to the public.


Thank you for listening.


Have a great day.


Matt Luxton BSc (Hons), IHP Functional Training Specialist

Author of the Equestrian Athlete Plan

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