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Dear Equestrian Athlete
I hope you are well and that this blog post finds you and your horses in good health.
I know it has been a little while since I have blogged here. This is mainly due to the fact I have been working really hard with The Equestrian Athlete Plan (EAP) and helping it to reach more people, to help them to achieve more with their horse.
Eventing Magazine Feature

I am not sure if you got the August edition of the Eventing Magazine or not, but Aimi Clark, the editor for the magazine came to my training studios, in Launceston, Cornwall to check out what The EAP was all about. We actually had a number of applicants apply for places on the feature, we ended up choosing two really motivated and committed riders from Cornwall to follow and support through the 8 week plan.
You will be able to find the article in the magazine, it really is worth a read through, to meet the riders and they are ‘working’ equestrian athletes, with busy lifestyles, but so far the communication we have had has been great. They are loving the exercises, Katy (one of the riders) commented on how it really fitted in with her lifestyle, which also involves a condiserable amount of commuting.
Keep your eyes peeled as this feature will have a small part in Septembers edition and also a bigger round up in Octobers edition (which comes out in the 2nd week of Sept, that confused me aswell!!) .
The British Equestrian Federation (BEF)

Only last week, I attended a Hoof Legacy conference at Hartpury College. I managed to scoot away from work a little early to catch a bit of the festival of dressage and look around the facilities. It really is a great set up!
The Hoof legacy for those of you who don’t know of it, was originally set up to help people in London to help encourage people to try riding. This has been very succesful and now The BEF are hoping to take advantage of funding from Sport England to help Equestrian businesses nationwide to deliver more quality and opportunities for anyone wishing to take part in equestrian at any age or level.
It really is an exciting time and I think with the success of the test event at Greenwich Park, I can see equestrian sport really hitting the nations hearts come 2012.
At the conference, I met with Anne Clarke (BEF) and Phil De Glanville (Sport England), to discuss how we can help people to get fit for purpose (riding), improve their longevity in the saddle and ultimately their experience. I am very much looking forward to helping Anne at the next conference, where I will be delivering a presentation on exactly that.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read. Meanwhile if you would like to take a look at my blog page over at http://riderfitness.co.uk , please feel free.
My Best
Author of The Equestrian Athlete Plan

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